Training Trip 2013

January 12th update:

Hi there, Crimson fans! I’m Kyle Krueger, a junior breaststroker on HWSD. We just returned from our annual training trip, so we are adjusting back to Boston’s chilly winter temperatures. This year, the swimmers travelled to Puerto Rico where we trained in the sun at the University of the Sacred Heart, while the divers made the trip to Miami and trained at the University of Miami’s gorgeous outdoor facility.

Down in Puerto Rico, the sunny skies and inviting warm weather offered the perfect setting for HWSD’s 26 swimmers to fully commit to an intense week of training. While we were surrounded by a decidedly laid-back island vibe and spent our mid-day hours relaxing on the beach, training trip was also a time for bringing a laser-beam focus and a sense of purpose to practice each morning and afternoon. Practices are always tough. Our bodies always feel broken down. But just as constant is the unwavering support of each member of HWSD through every challenging workout. Most salient in my memory of training trip each year is the team point set, and 2013 was no different. Challenged to each step up and race in our best events, we took on the coaches’ 50-point goal with confidence, heart, and determination. Digging deep on that set with the encouragement and solidarity of all of your teammates really captures the essence of what it means to be a member of HWSD.

Our team’s cohesion can be traced to our fun activities away from the pool as well. From our team dinner out, to nightly team bonding activities, to our trip into Old San Juan, to a team outing to one of Puerto Rico’s famed bioluminescence kayaking tours, training trip was also a time of team bonding. Whether we were preparing with our roommates for the annual training trip talent show, or whipping up a “family dinner” in our hotel room kitchens, every moment of training trip, both in and out of the pool, allowed everyone from the freshmen to the seniors to become closer as a team. We all know that our deep-seated team unity is one of HWSD’s most valuable and defining traits, and it is sure to make us an even more unstoppable force when it comes time to compete.

While our stay in Puerto Rico had to draw to a close, we were not quite ready to return home yet. On our way back to Cambridge, we made a two-day pit-stop in Miami to join forces with our divers and compete against the University of Miami in a dual meet. Although we could have easily yielded to the aching muscles and tired bodies that come with the end of training trip, we instead found strength in all of the hard work that we had put in during the last week. Knowing that we were physically and mentally tougher than before, and more united than ever, we took the meet by storm. With a 175-86 victory, we capped off an incredibly successful training trip.

Without a doubt, this trip once again reminded me why I am so thankful to call myself a member of HWSD. Inspired by my teammates as always, I am looking forward to our hard work coming to fruition as we enter the home stretch of our season.  As was said on our training trip, it’s time for HWSD to define our legacy!

HWSD Summers

Hi, Brittany Powell here! I am a rising senior diver on HWSD and an honored captain for the 2012-2013 season. Exam stress is finally over and summer is off to a great start, which means a variety of exciting adventures for HWSD. Some of us choose to train hard, especially in the Olympic Trials year, and others are traveling home and around the world. Because our season runs October to March, many of the girls see the summer as an opportunity to travel or study abroad. There is such a wide variety of interests and plans! No matter where we all are, we have HWSD on our minds, and are getting pumped up for the upcoming season.

Dani Schulkin is training for Olympic Trials in Boston and then will head off to Cambridge, UK for a study abroad program after her swims in Nevada. Caroline Weaver is gearing up for a Trials qualifying meet, and after she swims at Trials, will return to Cambridge to proctor in the Harvard dorms. She will be busy taking a summer course and working on her thesis research in Human Evolutionary Biology.

Rising junior Taylor Foster is headed around the world to Beijing to work for a tutoring company with other Harvard students, and to study Chinese for half the summer. Then she will return home to Minnesota for an internship with ArgosRisk.  Laura Evans is working as the CEO of an upcoming startup out of the Harvard Innovation Lab and will spend her evenings DJing.

Diver Schuyler Moore is flying to London to work at a law firm and the BBC, and then will take her skills to work at a military institute in Germany. Rising senior Mackenzie Luick will be in Cambridge training for her Trials swims and then is working in Cape Town, South Africa for a month with an organization called One Heart Source. She will be teaching in a classroom as well as providing after school activities, and HIV/AIDS community awareness/education.

Kyle Kruger is heading to Trento, Italy with a Harvard Summer School program there, studying psychology and neuroscience. She hopes to fit in some sightseeing while she’s there! And one of our graduating seniors, Margaret Fish is working at Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio for the summer before enrolling at the University of Michigan for graduate school in the fall.

As for me, I’ll be in Cambridge doing some training and studying for my MCAT, and then will be working for Partners In Health in Neno, Malawi during July and August. That’s just a taste of all the crazy places we’ll all be this summer, and there will certainly be a lot of stories to be told when we get back in the fall.

Harvard on the Warpath

What a weekend! It’s hard to believe that just six months ago each member of this
team arrived on campus with a new season ahead of us. From killer team sets, to
an unforgettable training trip, to our HYP victory, these last few months were filled
with innumerable moments that have bonded 36 incredible women together as one
united team. I remember Steph saying on our very first day of official practice that
each year the team is unique. She told us to look around at one other; with everyone
on board, we had an opportunity to become the team that we wanted to be. After
six months, I can confidently say that I could not have asked for a more dedicated,
hardworking, and tight knit group of girls to call my teammates and friends, and
that’s what makes this team so special.

My name is Kyle Krueger. I am a sophomore, and this weekend I got to represent
HWSD at ECACs in Annapolis, Maryland. The days leading up to the meet were
filled with the eager anticipation of making pump up playlists, having team dinners,
painting our nails crimson, and anxiously awaiting our opportunity to race. When
we finally touched down in Baltimore after a bumpy flight, we were thrilled to have
finally arrived. After being helped into our black and red minivans by none other
than Michael Phelps’ cousin, we blasted our music and were off to Navy’s campus.

Because ECACs did not start until Friday, the Ivy team got a head start on the
competition. We were inspired by their Thursday swims as we excitedly shared
results with one another. At the first of many team meetings, our incredible
volunteer coach, Kyle Cutter ’07, got us pumped up with one of her signature
motivational talks. We were so fortunate to have both of our amazing captains,
Kristi Korsberg and Victoria Pratt, leading the way this weekend as well, along with
four other wonderful seniors (Margaret Fish, Ali Lightbourne, Helen Pitchik, and
Jessica Stanchfield). When Friday morning finally arrived, we were ready to get on
the blocks and boards and let our swimming and diving do the talking.

We took it out strong on day one and never let up. From the very first event, I knew
that every single one of my teammates was giving her all and fighting for every inch.
We may have been small in numbers, but no one could beat the ubiquitous presence
we had on deck. Even coaches and swimmers from other teams commented on our
obvious camaraderie and genuine enthusiasm in supporting one another! With
every swim, our traditional three-claps cheer was loud and clear, and teammates
lined up along the pool and behind our lanes. In each race it was evident that people
were not swimming for themselves. They put themselves on the line for the sake of
each other. They had the love, support, and confidence of all 35 of their teammates
behind them. And most of all, they were swimming for Harvard.

While it’s difficult to describe the emotion that goes into a championship meet,
the excitement of cheering for a neck-and-neck finish, the thrill of watching your
teammate charge into the lead, the exhaustion of knowing you left everything

in the water, and the overwhelming pride we all felt for one another were most
pronounced. As we did the “Harvard on the Warpath” cheer before each finals
session, we were reminded that we were in a tough battle. Above all, I think that
Sunday’s sessions showed what being a member of HWSD is all about. Not only did
everyone fight to make it back to finals that night, but our fire and energy both in
our races and in cheering for one another never dimmed, even when Navy pulled
just beyond our reach. While we ended up in a tie for second in the final score
behind Navy, we were able to come home with our heads held high knowing that
every one of us had shown the signature HWSD fighting spirit. Although a runner-
up finish can’t help but fuel our pursuits for next season, our motto at both Ivies
and ECACs was “one team.” Our yearlong team effort has paid of with an Ivy League
Championship that no one will ever be able to take away from this group of women.

From the silly moments of blasting everyone’s new favorite One Direction song with
the windows down in our minivan to the emotional and inspiring moments cheering
for seniors’ last swims, ECACs was an unforgettable experience. A special thanks to
Kyle for coaching us, to Matt’s dedication in flying down for Sunday’s sessions, to
Steph for motivating us from afar, and to all the parents, families, and friends who
traveled from near and far to cheer us on. And of course, I’m especially grateful for
each one of my teammates. I have never been more proud to be part of a team than I
was to be a part of HWSD this weekend.


ECAC Harvard team 2012

ECAC team in our hotel

ECAC 2012

Making our presence known behind every Crimson lane