Trip to Taiwan

First of all, WELCOME TO THE TEAM FRESHMEN!! And thanks for all the funny videos, HWSD! It’s a perfect distraction from my ever present studying.

Yup, you heard right. I may not be having the most exciting summer ever, stuck in the suburbs taking organic chemistry, and I’m sure you all don’t want to hear about stereoisomers of cyclohexane, so I could just chat about my brief trip to Taiwan instead!

Once every 2 years, my family tries to take a trip back to Taiwan to visit old family and friends. This year, my mom happened to have a business opportunity in China, so she dragged me along too. While we were only there for 2 days, I was astonished at how much China had changed since the last time we had been there, about 9 years ago. (Well maybe it was just Shanghai, where we were at, but I doubt it). But Shanghai, oh man, it was like this giant, opulent spectacle! Every night at about 8 when the sun went down, all the lights came on and it was amazing! However, this only lasted for about 3 hours for the gawping tourists’ benefits, since at 11 pm ALL the lights would shut off at once in order to conserve energy. Of course, there were downsides to staying in such an opulent city, since everything was SUPER expensive! A box of cereal was $10! With all that free cereal in the dining halls back at school, um…count me out.

Returning back to Taiwan was a huge relief, since Taiwan is like the opposite from China in terms of exchange rate. That being said, my family spent a lot of time shopping (dragging my poor brother and father around), visiting old relatives (who gushed about how much we’ve grown), and ducking into air-conditioned department stores (since it was about 90-100 degrees there every day). It felt great to just relax with my family for a while and I know my parents enjoyed visiting where they grew up! Of course, I’m also excited to start sophomore year (not a freshman anymore, yikes!) and see the team again! Enjoy your summer, HWSD!

<3 Connie

P.S. Sorry if my language is less than eloquent at the moment. My brain feels like a twisted noodle right now with all the studying >_<

Bright city lights!

Bright city lights!

We. Are. Harvard.

Hey there everyone! This is freshman Connie Hsu, here to report on one of the most exciting weekends the team has had this season! To be honest, I was a little nervous to be the one to write the blog post on this weekend, since the atmosphere and excitement here was beyond anything words can capture. But I promise to do my best in describing just how much heart and soul every member of the team puts into the success of HWSD.

This past Friday, we raced against Columbia; a team that definitely has some very formidable opponents and came very close to beating us in our dual meet last year. Of course, they were suited up and tapered last year, as they were this year as well.  While that might seem intimidating (and okay, it was a little), Steph brought up the fact that we should be honored that they would suit up and be THAT ready to face us. We all knew deep down inside that she was right. There shouldn’t have been any doubt that we were going to win. Of course, there’s always that bit of nervousness inside of us, as thoughts like “it was close last year, what if they’re faster this year”, “I’m tired, they’re not”, “that one breaststroker is too fast” ran through our minds. But as the team meeting went on, as everyone described what they wanted for themselves and what they wanted for the team, our nervousness became excitement and our doubts became confidence. As we all looked around the room, we saw our teammates: people we can trust, people we kill ourselves trying to beat in practice, people who work their butts off, people who swim and dive for HARVARD. WE were the ones to beat. WE. ARE. HARVARD.

From the start of the meet, the 200 medley relay that was just a few tenths of a second from breaking the team record, to the last 400 free relay where Sara Li went a :49 split in the 100 free, we showed Columbia exactly who the defending Ivy League Champions are. The entire meet everyone was up on their feet cheering and the times were AMAZING. Assistant Coach Chris even reported to us later on the results of Florida State upsetting University of Florida, and it turns out that we would have beaten Florida State that day. It was amazing just how fast we could swim knowing we had the support of our teammates behind us.  We swam with our hearts, and it paid off.

HWSD with the traditional post-meet "HIP-SAH" cheer after the meet vs Columbia

The next day, HWSD and HMSD held the Alumni Meet.  Alumni got to come and compete in short, fun events, and it was one giant reunion/meet and greet. Actually, for the women, it was one giant fun social event, for the men it was one giant fun dogfight. Some people even put on those banned ankle-length fastskins to get more “into it”. After that, it was the annual Harvard-Yale football game.  The stands were packed, and the two teams were pretty much tied until the last few minutes of the game when Harvard scored an extra touchdown and won the game!

All in all, this weekend was just a great weekend of victory for Harvard. As for HWSD, our next meet will be the Georgia and ECAC Invites.  I know for a fact that Harvard is going to make a huge statement on the swimming nation and we will show them that we are more than ready to fulfill our role as champions.

HWSD Love! <3

The Game!