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Hello HWSD fans!

After a brief hiatus during all of our winter break travels, our blog posts are back! Here are three posts from our last few months, highlighting winter invites, training trip, and some January dual meets. Stay tuned for news about HYP this weekend!

January 27th update from senior Carol Lin:

As a disclaimer, I’ve been calling myself “old” since I entered freshman year of high school; still, it amazes me to say that I’ve been swimming for a decade. One of my first memories of competitive swimming is watching “Without Limits,” the story of Steve Prefontaine’s incredible running career, with my club teammates as we prepared for the age group championships. It seems fitting, then, that one of the last memories of my swimming career will be watching the same movie again; this time, nearly a decade after my first viewing of the movie, I watched with my HWSD teammates in Coach Steph’s living room to gain inspiration from Prefontaine in preparation for the HYP and Ivies/ECAC championship meets.

Watching Prefontaine’s story with my teammates during one of the last times we’ll all be together this season reminded me that my time as a competitive swimmer is coming to an end. After quite a few years as a swimmer, I’ve realized that Prefontaine’s struggles and success are universal to athletes of any sport or caliber. I haven’t competed at the Olympic Games like Steve Prefontaine, but I’ve experienced great thrills and crushing disappointments. I’ve learned that life isn’t perfect and that you can’t always plan for what will happen. I’ve made numerous mistakes, faced adversity, and fallen flat on my back (literally – ask any member of HMSD).

But, at the risk of sounding cheesy, it’s easy to forget about my own struggles when I remember that I’m not swimming as an individual. When I step onto the blocks, I wear a Harvard cap and represent HWSD, a group of “Prefontaines” who put their hearts into every race. Together, we work towards a common goal, overcome failures, and celebrate triumphs. As we enter the championship season, we know that there will be challenges and that not everything may go according to plan. In these moments, we’ll remind ourselves of the commitment that we’ve made to each other and of the incredible opportunity we have to represent Harvard Swimming.

In the spirit of senioritis, I’ll steal a quote from Steve Prefontaine to end my final post as a member of HWSD:

It’s the hardest thing in the world to believe in something; if you do, it’s a miracle.

Prefontaine said this line in the movie in an attempt to charm a special lady, but I’ll use it to relate back to the purpose of this post. To the Harvard Swimming and Diving family (and especially the Class of 2013), thank you for giving me something to believe in for the past four years. I feel fortunate to have been part of something bigger than myself and am honored to have belonged to an extraordinary group of women.

Crimson love,


Class of 2013’s last meet at Blodgett

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