December Recap

December 16th update:

Hello from Cambridge! This is senior breaststroker Mackenzie Luick, and it has been a busy couple weeks for HWSD.  Over the weekend of November 30 – December 2, all of the swimmers travelled to Georgia to compete either at UGA or Georgia Tech.  Divers represented at UGA as well as a meet at MIT, where they dove well and placed very high in both events.  Divers at Georgia were able to come back for the finals component of the prelims/final format, which is unique to invitational meets and championships at the end of the season.  On the swimming side, there were fast times across the state.

Seven school records fell, including the 100 back (broken by freshman Danielle Li, then again a few minutes later by fellow freshman Kendall Crawford).  Between Atlanta and Athens, there was an abundance of second swims, and being able to experience racing the same event two times in a day in the prelims/finals format was very important for the upcoming championship season.  Practicing the meet format for the end of the season was important too, especially for the freshmen, who handled the intensity of state school teams like Alabama, Miami, Cal, Georgia, and more with confidence.  The whole team will match up against Miami in a few weeks immediately following our training trip.

Since returning from Georgia, we have been back to work, training hard in the pool and .  Between final projects, finals, and getting back in our top shape in preparation for our upcoming training trip to Puerto Rico, it has been a busy time for everyone.  However, with the coaches’ flexibility in offering multiple workout times each day, everyone has been able to use swimming as a great study break, a time to de-stress and joke around with your teammates.  This Saturday we had our annual holiday set, which includes some (slightly off-key) holiday singing and is always a fun team set during finals.  As we start to wrap up the academics and go home for the holidays, we are all looking forward to training trip and the rest of the season.  The best is yet to come.

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