Hey everyone, Taylor Foster here! I’m a junior backstroker on HWSD. This week we all had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families and/or friends. After a crazy busy September and October filled with seemingly endless problem sets, papers, and morning workouts, I know everyone was looking forward to a little relaxation. It was a wonderful time to count our blessings, reflect on all that has happened the past few months, and gear up for an exciting December. The chance to go home always leaves me appreciating even more the team that we have back at school.


One of the things that I’ve been so excited to see is how we have slowly come together as the season has gone on. Our baby freshman are no longer the little wide-eyed girls just trying find their way around campus. The sophomores have redeveloped their fire in the water and on the boards that they had last year as freshman. The juniors and seniors have fully embraced their leadership roles and everything seems to be falling into place.


Seeing a team of girls who are so different come together as one is always a pretty incredible thing, but there is something special this year about this team that I haven’t experienced before. The excitement is building as we got glimpses into what we are capable of at the past two meets and start to generate buzz on a national level. Although there isn’t one distinctive moment when we finally come together, each dive done correctly and each tough set pushed through together brings us closer to each other and closer to our goals. We are finding our greatness one step at a time. There are always the lofty goals and mantras at the beginning of the season that we are striving for, but now we are at the point when it has all become real.


We are fortunate to get to compete against some of the top teams in the nation this coming week at invites at University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and MIT. Because our team will be split up for the first time, we will need to trust in the strong base we have developed as teammates to get the job done even when apart. I have no doubt that this team will bring the Crimson fighting spirit wherever there are Harvard swimmers or divers in the pool. The time to test our performances on a level with a bit more pressure is finally here and in the back of all of our minds are Chris’s words: “get ready to start the DYNASTY.”

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